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Cat Macchiato

By: Sigikid


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Product Description

Do you ever look at your cat and think, “Man! This critter needs a cappuccino!” Neither do we, which is why we gave this cat a Macchiato! Cat Macchiato is one of the newest additions to our Sigi-kid world, and we couldn’t love her more! This sweet feline is the perfect gift for any little one who wishes they had a pet. Macchiato is soft, snuggly, and has a sneer that will scare away any monsters under the bed! Her long claws look menacing, just the way she likes it, but she’s really a softy. The best part about Macchiato? She has WAY more than nine lives! Which means this sassy spotted feline will be in your heart and in your arms forever!
Product Dimensions
Width: 5 in
Height: 5 in
Length: 12.5 in
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