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Champagne and Blush Velvet Seahorse Mobile

By: Tamar Mogendorff

Tamar Mogendorff Seahorses Mobile

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Product Description

It’s a masterful art to be able to capture a child’s imagination in a toy. Even more magical may be doing so for an infant. So often we see baby’s toys with generic themes and styles and we work hard to break from the norm. Tamar Mogendorff has a unique dark whimsy, but her mobiles add that particular taste and combine it perfectly with a child’s limitless imagination. Mogendorff’s seahorse mobile let’s your little one have two gorgeous underwater creatures inside of a fishbowl, something only Mogendorff (and your youngster) could have imagined! This velvet seahorse mobile, part of Mogendorff’s “Velvetine” collection, is a work of art pieced together with materials familiar and pleasing to children, while it’s striking appearance is appreciated by adults. Each material is high quality and absolutely magical. The shimmering chartreuse and blush velvet makes these seahorses look like they are swimming around coral reefs (inside of a tiny fish bowl sea). Each piece is handmade and completely one of a kind, a timeless family treasure.
Product Dimensions
Width: 0 in
Height: 11 in
Length: 11 in
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