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Star Toaster Set

By: Kids Concept


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Product Description

Because we know all the cool kids are eating avocado toast lately, we’ll help you get in on the trend by grabbing this adorable toy toaster! Kids Concept is known for their stunning Scandinavian design and for putting great effort into making each toy a beautiful work of art. Designed to connect your child to the world around them, each minimalist piece is a gorgeous example of objects they see daily. Let your child feel involved while having fun as they mimic making breakfast for the family. This charming set comes with bread slices, a teacup for your favorite morning drink, butter, jam, and a knife-everything you need for a delicious toast breakfast! We can’t wait to taste it!

Age: 3+
Product Dimensions
Width: 3.9 in
Height: 3.3 in
Length: 8.4 in
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