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Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Model in White

By: Boneyard Pets

Tyrannosaurus Rex – White

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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Product Description

Work like a real-life archaeologist and piece together the “bones” of this Tyrannosaurus Rex kit! Each piece is made of recycled plastic and when put together will create a 3-D puzzle of your favorite dinosaur! The bright colors of each dino make them great to display in any room! This 31-piece set definitely takes puzzles to the next level! Each punch out piece is easy to assemble and will give your child a great sense of accomplishment when the large 3-D dinosaur is complete and ready for everyone to see!

This NYC based company is making the best of the best! Their small workshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn churns out incredibly innovative designs, while constantly changing and challenging themselves, to produce new and exciting toys. Each Boneyard Pets project is 100% American made using 100% American materials. Even their packaging is sourced within the United States! With a desire to support their community, this company strives to use materials locally sourced. Their desire to make awesome educational toys is further complimented with an environmentally conscious mindset. Boneyard Pets uses only recycled materials or materials that can be recycled well. It is the passion of Boneyard Pets to design toys that children build themselves. These kits allow children to place, sand, and create solid objects they can display and be proud of.

Age: 7+
Product Dimensions
Width: 16 in
Height: 14 in
Length: 0 in
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