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Brand Spotlight: HUED

Brand Spotlight: HUED

Published by Chalie Howes on Feb 5th 2021

HUED came about almost like a fourth child. Unexpected, exciting, and filling a special place in my heart. As a creative soul, I continually desire to create + imagine + dream. And as a mother of three, I became aware that my children needed an opportunity to nurture that as well.

As life with littles ticked on, it got more chaotic. Beautiful chaos, but none the less I knew something needed to change. When I realized that their play space had become a source for my anxiety in our home, I began to question how my children's toys were affecting their own behavior and play. Mostly plastic, overly stimulating, and easily breakable in the hands of my little minions, these toys didn't allow my children to independently problem solve + imagine + make choices + or connect with nature. I had finally had enough; they needed to go. But what to replace them with?

In my late college years, I enjoyed teaching children's art under the Montessori method. Focusing on child lead learning and collaborative play, I observed how this knowledge method develops a child's creative skills organically and naturally. And now, thinking back, this is where the idea of HUED really started to set roots. More recently, my children's attendance at a local forest school connected to nature's importance to my children's play. A return to simple textures + hues + and natural materials were now the desired standard for any toy that came into our home.

And while we were able to find many beautiful toys that met these characteristics, I disappointedly found a void in the art category. As a result of this discovery, I began to experiment, eventually creating a natural sensory dough that was soft + nature-derived + encouraged creative play for my family. But as I am fervently passionate to share the importance of imaginative play in my own home, I am also equally driven to share this with other families. And in the end, this desire is what inspired the launch of HUED.

Creating natural toys to foster open-ended play began with Hue Dough (our natural sensory dough) and has grown to include our Fairy Fizz + Eco Dough Cutters + Tootle Bags and more. While each one of our toys takes inspiration from the magic of curiosity, nature, and a little pixie dust from our love of Peter Pan, they have also been designed to acknowledge their environmental impact. Using sustainable materials such as linen + bioplastic + wood + dried flowers + stones, we take pride in knowing our products leave little to no environmental impact after play. And for the few materials which won't decompose quickly, we encourage reuse through recycled crafts.

It has been an absolute joy to see families prioritizing natural creative play in their home and an absolute honor to be the brand that helps them foster courageous creatives. Believing everyone embodies a creative spirit is something we hold dear at HUED, and when we see our efforts being embraced by others, it is a delight more treasured than all.


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