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If You’ve Got a Vehicle Lover, This One is for You

If You’ve Got a Vehicle Lover, This One is for You

Published by Amanda Motisi on Apr 3rd 2020

When I was searching for toy vehicles for my son’s birthday present last year, I came across this amazing brand and I am so glad I did. The Fagus brand stands for so much more than “toys”; they embody what it means to collaborate, inspire, and create through their design and handiwork. The cars and trucks are made of wood and eco-friendly materials, leaving their products free of plastic and metal, ensuring safe and high-quality play for your children. Additionally, as its name suggests (Fagus is a genus of trees), the products are made of beautiful, natural wood which inherently lends itself to nature-based creativity – all you need to do is get your hands on one and you’ll see. Without bells and whistles (literally) and flashing lights and sounds, these toys open the door to child-led, small-world play. One day, a child might see his dump truck like the white one he saw on the beach and the next day, it might be the green one he saw on the street. In one moment, she might envision the car transporter on a highway, the next she might see it parked in a lot. The open-ended aspect of these toys remarkably lead to hours and hours of play.

What’s more is that the Fagus brand proudly employs people with special needs and supports a mission to help both their employees and the children who play with their toys evolve and grow as individuals in a productive and meaningful way. According to their website, they believe in promoting creativity, sustainability, and child-directed play and any company that supports these ideals is one I can happily get behind.

Are they more expensive than some of the other trucks you can get out there? Maybe. But will they last longer? Absolutely. They are without a doubt an heirloom toy meant to be passed down through generations. I plan on gifting ones to my kids each year as a “collectible.” Will they be played with more? Definitely. I am a firm believer in the power of wooden vehicles. I have had the gamut to survey here in our house and time after time, both of my children go for the Fagus trucks over any others we have. They are sturdy, durable, large and perfect for both little and bigger hands. And so, are they worth it? Don’t think twice about it. I guarantee purchasing one of these will garner you more play time than squandering money over smaller, less pricey options. Sometimes less is more—and you get what you pay for. This is one of those times. Shop small at Norman and Jules for the Fagus brand – and rest easy feeling good about contributing to a positive product and two amazing companies!

About Amanda Motisi

As a young child, I always found writing to be a really helpful way for me to process experiences, conversations, problems, and relationships in my life. I often wrote letters to people I was close to and found that I was able to better communicate myself with words on paper than words in person sometimes. Growing up, I found comfort in writing assignments at school and oddly enjoyed working on interesting research projects or free-writing tasks.

Now, as an adult, I still turn to writing as a means of therapy and since becoming a mother, I have found it a very useful tool for me to express myself and, more importantly, help other women to do the same.

I write to unite women in our journey here together. I write to encourage women to better themselves from a place of self-love so they can be the best moms they can be. I write to share my experience as a special education teacher coupled with research regarding my own positive parenting beliefs in an effort to provide a helping hand and alternative perspectives for those looking for them. And most recently, I’ve been writing to share my unwavering belief in the power of open-ended play on the learning and development of children.

I am a real mom just like so many of you reading this and I care about our well-being and the future of our children. I believe in us and I believe in the power of writing. I believe in our stories and in the strength of our compassion for one another. I believe in you.

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