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OMY Coloring Posters

OMY Coloring Posters

Published by Meghan Corridan on Apr 14th 2020

For this week's blog collaboration with Norman & Jules, I am going to talk about another one of my favorite products of theirs: Omy Coloring Posters. Coloring has always been a favorite activity for me to do to wind down or relax after a long day and it made me so happy when my own daughter started to join in with me. With lots of family time, I couldn't recommend the Omy Giant Coloring Posters enough. 

Here are a few of my favorites from OMY: New York Coloring Poster, Pop Coloring Poster and Unicorn Coloring Poster. I have seen a lot of people sharing pictures of their families putting a large puzzle out on a table. It’s a great project for the whole family to do. These posters can also be used for a life break for your family as well. Hang it on a wall or find a table that's not being used for working or schooling from home, throw some markers, crayons or colored pencils on the table and see what happens. This could also be a great family activity to build into your daily schedule. Set aside a 15 minute time in the middle or end of the school/work day to come together to color but also reflect on the day.

I use coloring in therapy a lot and it is one of my favorite activities to recommend to parents to do with their kids. As an occupational therapist, I am always trying to find easy activities that parents can do with their children that don't require a lot of materials or thought put into it to help with the development of fine motor skills. Coloring is always on the top of the list.

Here are a few fun ways to play with Omy Posters:

  • Hang your Omy Giant Coloring Posters on a wall you offer an opportunity for children to work on vertical surface which is great for improving upper extremity strength and elbow and shoulder stability.
  • Coloring helps develop hand-strength, grasping and manipulation skills
  • Experiment with different kinds of writing instruments to help encourage proper pencil grip. Check out Omy's markers, gel crayons (these are great for younger, smaller hands) and colored pencils . Use one of them or mix them up to add dimension to your poster! 
  • Check out the Omy Pocket Stickers (My Home and My Fashion Stylist). You can add these to your coloring posters to help work on developing fine motor, manipulation and grasping skills.
  • Coloring improves visual motor, visual perceptual and visual tracking skills and encourages hand-eye coordination.
  • Coloring encourages creativity and imagination skills. Challenge your kids or other family members to do something wacky and out-of-the-box to a part of the poster.
  • Most importantly during this time, coloring helps with changing ones mood and helps decrease anxiety and stress. Coloring on your own or with your family helps to distract you from the things that are worrying you.

    Be sure to check back weekly for my collaboration with Norman & Jules. While their physical doors may be closed, they are working as hard as ever to make sure our kids are entertained during these crazy times. You can order toys to be delivered or for safe pick-up during their designated hours. You can still reach out to them for their expert opinions on what toys would be best to keep your kids stimulated and learning at the same time.

    Meghan is a pediatric occupational therapist in New York City since 2001. She has spent the last 17 years as a private practice pediatric occupational therapist working with some of the greatest kids and families. She is part of the amazing team of therapists at Heads Up Therapy on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In addition to her private practice work, she is a founding member of The Meeting House, a recreational based after school program for children who need support to gain social confidence and success. She is also the director of TMH Juniors, a program geared towards children 4-7 years old.

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