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The Organized Play Space

The Organized Play Space

Published by Courtney Ebner on Jan 27th 2021

Ah, winter. A time when we are all indoors a bit more, and even more so now. If you’re like me, I’m guessing many of you are feeling a bit, well, let us say, in an antsy state of housebound. Lately, I’ve been in full-on; let’s switch things up a bit. As our children grow, their play needs change, which can feel overwhelming when creating or re-imagining a space. More so, sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly the changes should be — the kind of improvements that will actually benefit your child’s development.

We’ve put together a few simple ways to give a new life to your child’s play space or bedroom here:


Children benefit from having routine and organization, so having their playthings set up in a clearly defined way is beneficial. It encourages children to be more independent when they can easily access what they desire to play with and makes it easy for them to put it away. Oeuf’s Toys Storage is an excellent example of that; its nine bins make it easy to define what goes where. For example, a compartment for vehicles, blocks, train tracks, figures, etc. Oeuf’s Mini Library Bookcase and Vertical Library are more of a combination bookcase/storage unit, precisely the inspiration behind the pieces. Children’s furniture often lacks storage. These pieces include space for books, cabinets for art materials or stuffies, and enough shelf space for bins like these great Paper Pulp Boxes from Ferm Living. I love these bins because the lids are easy for kids to handle themselves.

Oeuf Toys Storage
Oeuf Mini Library Bookcase
Oeuf Vertical Library
Ferm Living Paper Pulp Boxes


Creating a designated space has many advantages for children. First and foremost, it fosters independence! You can see there’s a theme here. Picture this…your 3-year-old wants to play with their stacking toys. They walk over to their newly organized toy storage situation, take their stacking boxes off the shelf or out of the bin, and walk over to their Oeuf Play Table. They arrange their playthings, pull out their bear or bunny chair, sit down and play quietly for the next 30 minutes. A proper play table also helps with focus, gross motor, and fine motor schools, which will all present well when it’s time for school. The OYOY Arca Table and Chair are a perfect example of this. And it will look quite beautiful in your home.

Oeuf Play Table
Oeuf Bear Chair
Oeuf Bunny Chair
OYOY Arca Table
OYOY Arca Chair


Making a few visual changes can really aid in the creative flow because even children can experience “writer’s block.” Here are a few of our favorites. The Follow The Rainbow Wall Hanging adds a bit of whimsy, while the Safari Tufted Rug, Leopard Rug, and Tufted Polar Bear Head add a bit of adventure. The wonderful thing about the Ferm Living rugs is that they can also be mounted to a wall. Adding colorful cushions around can also make a big difference in a room refresh. It adds a delightful sense of whimsy and dimension. Cottage Shaped Cushion, Feisty Fox, Lion Cushion, Ricesnore Cushion. It’s also a lot of fun to decorate the walls with some of your child’s own artwork! Art inspires art.

OYOY Rainbow Wall Hanging
Ferm Living Safari Tufted Rug
Ferm Living Polar Bear Head
Donna Wilson Cottage Cushion
Donna Wilson Fiesty Fox
Ferm Living Lion Cushion
Noodoll Ricesnore Cushion
Mana'o Nani Wonder Rug Fuzzies

Still unsure? Please, fill out our Complimentary Concierge Form, and we will be delighted to help you design or re-organize your child's space.

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