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Waytoplay Changes the Game

Waytoplay Changes the Game

Published by Amanda Motisi on May 11th 2020

Imagine your vehicle-loving child being able to roll his or her cars along a sturdy surface over a carpet… in the bathtub… on the mud… or even over the sand! Any toy that allows for opportunities to create whole new worlds of play with the option of being immersed in nature gets an A+ in my book and the  WaytoPlay road sets do just that! These roads enhance small world play due to the child-safe and durable rubber material they are made of — preventing them from ripping or tearing easily and allows them to be manipulated on various surfaces. They are super flexible and versatile and come with many realistic designs so children can create cross-roads, parking lots, roundabouts, and more. The pieces are also double sided allowing for even more adventure opportunities as the kids can twist and turn them to fit properly and decide which lines on the road they want to choose for their creations. 

With a very young car and truck lover in my home, I have also appreciated the width of these pieces because my little one can get on his hands and knees and push his cars along without getting frustrated that they’re falling off the “tracks”.  His favorite cars to use are  Candylab Cars. He also likes when we make little mounds of sand so he can use his larger trucks on the roads at the beach! Another favorite WaytoPlay (no pun intended!) is to incorporate water play with the roads either outside on the sidewalk or in the tub—they’ll even stick to the walls! 

I try to bring only open ended toys into our home that lend themselves to imaginative play and creation as well as those that promote real-life understanding and concept building. I believe these roads do both because they are not only innovative and long lasting but also realistic and inviting.

I would recommend these roads to any family looking to amp up play with “things that go” or add a multi-faceted toy to boost imaginative small world play. 

    About Amanda Motisi

    As a young child, I always found writing to be a really helpful way for me to process experiences, conversations, problems, and relationships in my life. I often wrote letters to people I was close to and found that I was able to better communicate myself with words on paper than words in person sometimes. Growing up, I found comfort in writing assignments at school and oddly enjoyed working on interesting research projects or free-writing tasks.

    Now, as an adult, I still turn to writing as a means of therapy and since becoming a mother, I have found it a very useful tool for me to express myself and, more importantly, help other women to do the same.

    I write to unite women in our journey here together. I write to encourage women to better themselves from a place of self-love so they can be the best moms they can be. I write to share my experience as a special education teacher coupled with research regarding my own positive parenting beliefs in an effort to provide a helping hand and alternative perspectives for those looking for them. And most recently, I’ve been writing to share my unwavering belief in the power of open-ended play on the learning and development of children.

    I am a real mom just like so many of you reading this and I care about our well-being and the future of our children. I believe in us and I believe in the power of writing. I believe in our stories and in the strength of our compassion for one another. I believe in you.

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