peanut crayons

ages 3-9+

These adorably shaped crayons are just what the kiddos need to get their creative juices flowing. They look like multi-colored peanuts, and can stand on end or be stacked. All are made from entirely kid-friendly materials like natural bean wax and non-toxic dyes that won't stain hands. Their ergonomic design isn't just for good looks; it makes it easy for little hands to control as they guide these exceptional crayons across the paper. As an added bonus: the thick middle of their blob-like form means they won't break mid-project! The vibrant array of colors includes red, orange, yellow, brown, violet, blue, evergreen, and lime. A great learning tool and a safe creative toy for beginning artists. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Natural bean wax, non-toxic dyes
Made in Korea
2.1" l (each crayon)
See packaging for care instructions

Thoughtfully Designed

Ethically Made

Natural & Eco-friendly

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