sam + justin

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SAM + JUSTIN - Norman & Jules
SAM + JUSTIN - Norman & Jules
SAM + JUSTIN - Norman & Jules
ages 3-6

Everything is more fun with a friend. These handmade dolls come in pairs with interchangeable parts made from high-quality hornbeam wood. Each peg doll is composed of three parts (head, body, feet) held together by cleverly placed magnets. Minimally adorned to allow young ones to imagine their own personalities and backstories and encourage open-ended play. Sam and Justin have matching bob cuts, and wear playful teal and sleek grey outfits you can mix and match. The pair comes packaged in a house-shaped box that can be decorated as you please.

These wooden dolls are suitable for children aged 5 and up, providing hours of entertainment, imaginative play, and fostering the development of fine motor skills and storytelling abilities.

Ethically Made

Woman-Owned Business

Thoughtfully Designed

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