7-tone pentatonic glockenspiel

ages 3-9+

This beautiful Glockenspiel from Auris has seven brass keys, tuned to the 5-tone pentatonic scale.

The seven notes are:
D - E - G - A - B - d - e

All of the notes in a pentatonic scale are harmonious, so any song you or your child play will sound beautiful. Improvisation has never been this easy and fun!
This lovely instrument produces a wonderful tone and is great for soothing children at nap or bedtime, or for accompanying a story or puppet show.
The bright, brass keys are coated with a fine layer of beeswax to maintain luster and shine. The maple wood body is treated with wood varnish and beeswax polish.

Ages 3-9+
MATERIALS : Maple wood, brass, wood varnish, and beeswax polish
INCLUDES : Includes one rubber-tipped mallet and one wooden mallet
Made In Sweden

Note: Due to northern European musical notation, the B key is represented by the letter H.

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