diy mini coaster kit

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ages 8-9+

Teach your kids the world of physics and engineering with the Tinkineers! Join Iggy, Joule, and Kelvin in Playland, a world where kids create! Influenced by the fun of playing with basic STEM stimulation, this DIY mini coaster is a brilliant and basic first set for your youngest engineer. The STEM concepts in this particular piece are all about the conservation of energy and potential and kinetic energy. Use the crank to lift your marbles and watch them fall! Made of laser cut balsa wood, this coaster takes about an hour to put together and all your need is glue. Your kids will love the satisfaction that comes from the problem solving skill building each Tinkineer set is filled with! Your kit comes with a storyline all about the TInkineer kids crazy adventures and how physics plays a huge roll in your very own coaster design! Watch as your marbles move up and down your coaster and learn how they propel themselves up and over big hills, twists and turns. Enjoy creating and let the good times roll! Age: 9+

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