sensors n' spaces

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ages 8-9+

Create and customize with this totally rad kit that's perfect for the techno-curious kid or playful minded adult. It offers an intro to the basics of circuits and sensors with 4 hands-on projects using the included materials and everyday household objects. The kit will guide you through making a pillowcase with a constellation that lights up in the dark, a mug that changes colors when hot or cold, slippers that light up when worn, and a cactus decoration that lights up when a magnet is nearby. Kiddos ready for a more complex building challenge can repurpose the kit's pieces to invent projects of their own (check out Teknikio's Instagram for ideas). Engage their hands and minds while promoting STEM concepts such as switches, sensors, circuits, input vs. output, and resistance. Suitable for a range of ages, but recommended for 10 and up.

The kit includes 17 reusable electronic pieces, such as: 1 light sensor board, 1 temperature sensor board, 1 magnetic sensor, 2 RGB LED boards, 2 heart LED boards, 4 star LED boards, 5 battery boards, 5 batteries, 1 felt pack, 1 spool of conductive thread, 1 mag-close sewing box, swatch-conductive tape, sewing kit, and an illustrated invention guide.

Materials as listed above
Designed in Brooklyn, NY
6.5" l x 6.5" w x 2.5" h (box)
See packaging for care instructions

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