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If you've eve heard the term “You can't judge a book by it's cover" than you're going to know exactly what we mean when we say, you can't judge a Zoots by it appearance! At first look, Brandnewnoise's finger piano looks like a classic wooden toy. Like a traditional finger piano, Zoots is made of wood (handmade in the USA with sustainable wood, if we're being specific, which we are) with six teeth you can press with your thumb to create a noise. After that, everything is not as it appears. Suitable for children 3+, this incredible instrument can playback, record, and manipulate the tone and depth of the song you create. Included in this kit are batteries, a looping switch and output jack to connect to headphones or speakers, with the ability to perform a 30second record and loop. This little wooden box is incredible. You want one, your kid wants one, your mom wants one. And so do we!