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At Norman & Jules, we love any excuse to throw a party! The food, the games, the friends. . . What’s not to love? After throwing a few parties ourselves, we are not naïve enough to think that the entire process is easy. Planning and executing a well-organized, fun party requires a lot of hard work, and that’s where we come in! Shop from our selection of specialty candles, party favors, invitations, party hats, and more!.

Because Norman & Jules is a boutique, which means each of our selections is a rare, handcrafted, top quality item. Whether you are throwing the party or attending, we have some extraordinary cards that will make a thoughtful addition to your birthday gift. Throwing a birthday party, baby shower, or gender reveal party can be overwhelming due to the number of tasks involved; including food, cake, games, presents and party favors. The Norman & Jules online boutique has streamlined the shopping experience, ensuring that you can find everything in one convenient place!.

A sweet and personable card can be one of the most touching ways to show you care. The thoughtful words included in a simple card can mean the most to an adult on their birthday. If you’re looking for a card that is a tad more creative than those found in the aisles of the drug store, we have the perfect card for you! Beautiful and stylish, they are sure to make your loved one smile on his or her special day..

The first rule in party planning is that the smallest details can make the biggest statement. What would a party be without balloons? Our mystery balloon set comes with different shapes and sizes, sure to add color to your next party. A goody bag filled with treats is sure to send guests home satisfied and happy. Whether you are in the middle of planning a party or attending an upcoming party, take a look at what we have to offer!



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