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Meet Spruce—"with a namesake this strong, there's no stopping this dynamic hero! Made with articulated sections connected by elastic string and metal joints, these figures feature strong Birch wood that will withstand any rough and tumble play! A welcome alternative to plastic action figures, this line of natural, heirloom-quality, non-toxic Once Kid's Playhard heroes is made from environmentally-friendly, renewable, and biodegradable wood. Encouraging pretend play, storytelling, and appreciation for the environment, the figures are built to last with superhero-worthy materials and packaged in equally tough laser-engraved wooden with a cool chalkboard interior—"perfect for gifting! Once Kids offers toys featuring solid craftsmanship and innovation for a play experience that will inspire and delight kids and parents alike. Our hero also works hard to protect the environment with one percent of total sales donated to the Trash Free Seas Alliance, an organization dedicated to keeping plastic out of our precious oceans. Spruce is #4 in the Playhard Heroes Action Figures Series 1. Recommended for ages 3 and older.