Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly

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Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly
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Coated in a luxuriously shiny soft velvet, Demoiselle is the loveliest bug around. She loves the glitz and the glamour of night-life and knows to get just close enough to bright lights to show off her glow. Demoiselle is a lovely bug with elegant long layered wings, sewn by hand so that every unique detail is perfectly hers. Her shimmering gold exterior is complimented by a soft pink tail, helping her fly elegantly and show off her sweet side. Demoiselle has two small arms, two tiny antenna, and a teeny tiny smile. She doesn’t want to come off snobby, even though she knows how great she is. Demoiselle is one of the newest additions to the Tamar Mogendorff collection. A truly unique piece, bring Demoiselle home today and have all the critters talking.  

Weight: 1.0 LBS
Width: 20.0 Inches
Height: 20.0 Inches



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