Black Rhino

Black Rhino
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Rhinos roam across Asia and Africa but this playful creation will be more at home in a child's world of imagination! From the world of Waldorf’s naturally playful toys comes this strong rhino with a sturdy horn to fend off attackers and a tough, leathery hide. This chunky wooden toy has been handcrafted from solid hardwood in Germany and stained a truetolife dark grey color to make it even more realistic. Ostheimer maintains the tradition of handcreating their heirloomquality wooden figurines using methods that are increasingly rare. Each template is thoughtfully designed, transferred to the wood, and sawn out by hand. The figure is then given its characteristic Ostheimer carving, sanded, hand painted, and finally dipped in walnut oil. At each stage of the process the human hand is present and in control. The company’s expressive wooden toy figures have been loved by children and their parents for more than fifty years.
Weight: 0.3 LBS
Height: 3.0 Inches



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