Cat Macchiato

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Cat Macchiato
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Do you ever look at your cat and think, “Man! This critter needs a cappuccino!" Neither do we, which is why we gave this cat a Macchiato! Cat Macchiato is one of the newest additions to our Sigi-kid world, and we couldn't love her more! This sweet feline is the perfect gift for any little one who wishes they had a pet. Macchiato is soft, snuggly, and has a sneer that will scare away any monsters under the bed! Her long claws look menacing, just the way she likes it, but she's really a softy. The best part about Macchiato? She has WAY more than nine lives! Which means this sassy spotted feline will be in your heart and in your arms forever!
Weight: 0.8 LBS
Width: 12.5 Inches
Height: 5.0 Inches
Depth: 5.0 Inches



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