Coffee & Donut Earrings

Coffee & Donut Earrings
Gift wrapping option available in basket

Bring breakfast on the go (even though we highly suggest not eating it) with Yellow Owl Workshop’s new coffee and donut earring set! These masterfully witty earrings are made for the morning person in your life. Almost cute enough to eat (again, we really prefer you do not eat these) is the darling donut earring! Made with bright pink frosting and covered in sprinkles, this donut already has a bite out of it, and we can see why! Next to your donut treat will be a tasty coffee, the perfect morning pick me up! This cutie cup is covered in a rainbow, making your day as bright as it is beautiful! These mismatched earrings are a fun way to let kids accessorize with unique style. Gilded in 22karat gold with stunning colors, these earrings are a gorgeous addition to any jewelry box.  

Width: 0.5 Inches



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