Colorful Dragon Fly

Colorful Dragon Fly
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No creation stimulates the imagination quite like a Tamar Mogendorff piece. From wall hangings to animal heads, small stuffed bears to massive stuffed pearls, Tamar Mogendorff’s world is unlike any other, and filled with all kinds of magic. One of the newer pieces in her collection, this colorful dragon fly, was made to enhance any child’s room with some prehistoric fun. Back when dinosaurs ruled the land, massive dragonflies flew in the skies. This giant dragonfly is perfect for every child who loves, dinos, bugs, and color! Made of the highest quality dyed velvet, this massive creature will be a forever loved fly-on-the-wall.  

Weight: 1.5 LBS
Width: 32.0 Inches
Height: 38.0 Inches



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