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A winning gift and an enduring keepsake. Give a warm welcome to the sweetest, most steadfast new friends on the block. With each Dinkum Doll you'll discover a companion worthy of heirloom status, soft enough to sleep alongside yet made to last a lifetime. Sprout here loves the green things in life: forests, gardens, grassy fields. Sprout would love nothing more than being a part of your child's imaginative world-building.

Each doll is fully poseable, with a head that pivots and arms and legs to position how you choose. In shoes, they can even stand on their own! Includes an interchangeable unisex outfit comprised of a onesie, diaper, socks and shoes designed fit all Dinkums. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

100% cotton, hypoallergenic polyfill, acrylic yarn, BPA-free PVC (shoes)
Designed in Australia and California
14" h
Spot clean, or machine wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent and air dry