Ditto Mirrored Building Blocks

Ditto Mirrored Building Blocks
Gift wrapping option available in basket

If you and your family want to take basic building blocks to the next level, all we can say is, ditto to that! Kukkia felt the same way and developed Ditto blocks, imaginative mirrored building blocks that create a new way to use your imagination. Use ditto blocks to shine bright lights in your tower, create patterns with objects reflected inside, or find your face in the buildings you make! With ditto blocks, you and your child can play and create at any age! Infants love seeing their faces reflected in ditto blocks. As they grow older, ditto blocks can be used for a myriad of clever problem solving fun! We can’t wait to see what you discover with Kukkio’s ditto blocks!  

Weight: 0.3 LBS
Width: 7.5 Inches
Height: 11.3 Inches
Depth: 7.5 Inches



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