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One of the most popular Ostheimer figures, this vibrant dragon breathes his fiery breath on any knight foolish enough to cross his path! Myths and legends come to life in play as children find endless ways to incorporate this beautifullycrafted fabled figure into their pretend worlds. This brightly colored Waldorf heirloomquality toy has been expertly hand crafted from sustainable, solid hard wood and is smooth, warm and tactile in children's hands. Handmade in Germany, each figure is unique and made from sustainable hard wood, painted with nontoxic waterbased color stain and organic oils. Pairs perfectly with Ostheimer's Knight. Ostheimer's expressive wooden toy figures have been loved by children and their parents for more than fifty years, and the collection of toys which includes Family Figures, Fairy Tale Characters, Farm Animals, Woodland Animals, Zoo Animals, and landscape pieces, continues to expand.