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Drone Builder Kit

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A high-flying project for the tech-savvy kid. This innovative kit provides a hands-on building experience and includes all the parts they’ll need to build a drone of their own. Each kit includes a conductive ink pen, 4 motors, 4 propellers (plus 4 extras), and a drone hub with onboard camera. The pen deposits silver ink that lets kids (literally!) draw the connective circuits between electronic modules, giving the drone the power to fly.
Once assembled, the drone can be flown using the Android or iOS compatible app to hover over the backyard and get a bird’s eye view using the onboard camera. Each kit comes with a workbook that provides step by step instructions and helps to reinforce the STEM skills they’ll pick up along the way. Designed by grad students at UIUC and Harvard, this Kickstarter-backed project makes a perfect gift for the curious kid with an engineering itch or the kid who needs a little creative inspiration to get started. Suitable for ages 13 and up.

Cardboard, plastic, lithium-ion battery, silver ink pen
Designed at UIUC and Harvard
10” x 10” x 5” (box); pieces vary in size
See kit for further care instructions