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Watching this impressive wooden crane truck in action is an activity not to miss. Children will love to add this vehicle to their play construction site. Like the real construction vehicle, it lifts, swivels, hooks, and steers with ease. Raise its arm up to a length of 33 inches, all the while adjusting to various heights and angles. From its arm hangs a rope with a strong metal double-hook for lifting weighted cargo. Side supports swing out from either side as added stability. Comes with 2 removable passengers. Each toy is made with beautiful beech wood and is finished with a non-toxic colorless varnish. The vehicles are glued together, thus eliminating all nails, screws and staples. These vehicles have high educational value and a well thought out playing practice, making this one high quality and timeless toy. Many of the toys in this collection are handcrafted by people with disabilities, in a special workshop in Germany. Age recommended: 4-5+ years