KIKO+ Gatcha Gatcha

KIKO+ Gatcha Gatcha
Gift wrapping option available in basket
Who hasn't wanted their own vending machine! Looks like a miniature Gumball Machine, and works like one too! Turn the star and see what happens next. If it gets stuck, just give it a shake! Includes 40 beads, in 5 shapes. The concept behind Kukkia, meaning 'to bloom'or 'flowers'in Finnish and 'kuki', which means stem in Japanese, is to create tactile shapes that are both subtly and vividly colored. Kukkia uses European beech wood, and toys are made in Asia with long-standing, well-established factories. They are committed to high standards and premium quality for all of their products.
Weight: 3.0 LBS
Width: 7.9 Inches
Height: 4.7 Inches
Depth: 4.7 Inches



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