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Go boldly where no gnome has gone before. The simple design of this minimal set leaves room for kiddos to dream big and play imaginatively. The stackable arcs, slats, and semi circles can be used to create towering mountains or rolling hills for the tiny gnomes to inhabit. Without a set of rules or an end goal, they are free to play however they're inspired. The set is carefully crafted by hand from high quality linden wood and finished using non-toxic pigments in a sweeping gradient of vibrant red to cool pastels. The itty bitty crew of gnomes wear pointy hats color coordinated with their outfits and the other pieces in this marvelous play set. Includes 9 each semicircles, arcs, slats, and peg dolls in a different color. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Linden wood; non-toxic paint
Handmade in Russia
1.6" l x 5.7" w x 11.5" h (arcs); 3.3 to 11.5" l x .3" h (semicircles); 3.3 to 11.5" l x .3" h (rectangles); 2.4" h (peg dolls)
Wipe down with a wood-safe cleaner