Hand & Flower Lapel Pin

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One thing we know about kiddos is this, they appreciate nature more than we can even understand! Whether that means growing up hoping to be a forest ranger, or simply trying to pick all the neighbor’s flowers on the block, we’ve got a special pin just for them! Yellow Owl Workshop expertly designs lapel pins made to be striking and unique. With this creative eye for design, they have mastered making pins that have no limit, pins that are completely imaginative and because of that, beautifully childlike. For the little youngster in your life who so wants to carry a flower in their hands, hand them this perfect pin. Look closely and you’ll see a bright white cartoon hand gently holding onto a red and yellow flower by its long green stem. Inside the palm of the hand is the leaf of the flower, standing out and up in a way that makes the flower look like it is waving to you. And we’re sure it is! Bring this pin home today and add some lovely color to your child’s wardrobe.