holztiger deer

ages 3-8

Curate a wooden animal collection. Individually handcrafted from high-quality maple and beech wood and painted by hand using non-toxic, water-based dyes, the Holztiger toy brown deer is designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and last for generations. Featuring a brown spotted body, dark eyes, and dark brown hooves, the wooden figure (chunky and sturdy enough to endure little hands) will open doors to creative, open-ended play. A water-based finish is applied to each figure to make them resistant to perspiration and saliva. Suitable for 3 years and older. 

The unique colors and shapes, lovingly applied details, and feel of smooth wood make these figures a tactile and visual delight. Encourage your children to stretch their imaginations to create a world filled with stories and characters from the Holztiger collection.

4" l x 1" w x 4.25" h
Maple or Beech Wood
Non-toxic Water-based Paint
Hand finished, Due to craftsmanship, dimensions may vary slightly.
Made in Romania

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