Lollipots Tomato Planting Kit

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Lollipots Tomato Planting Kit
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Have fun eating healthy foods by growing your own tomatoes with Lollipots'planting kit! You and your child can turn “lollipops" into tomato plants with this cute and cleverly designed system. All your plant needs is sunlight and water, everything else is provided for tasty fun! Your child can watch their tomatoes grow from a small sprout into delicious tomatoes! Enjoy growing your own organic snack! Bloomers is dedicated to helping children develop healthy habits and connect with the environment around them. Bloomers has found that 96% of children who grow their own vegetables will eat them! Their sweet and simple system lets children feel accomplished and comfortable with early gardening skills. Enjoy eating your healthy snacks, made by your and your little one! Age: 3+ years
Weight: 0.6 LBS
Width: 8.0 Inches
Height: 6.0 Inches
Depth: 6.0 Inches



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