Luggy Basket, Rose

Luggy Basket, Rose
Gift wrapping option available in basket
If you ask us, some of the very best toys around are the ones that inspire independence in our little ones. As parents, we know how much youngsters love to feel helpful and involved. We also know first hand how difficult it can be when they want to “help." The Luggy Basket, a fair-trade handmade wheeled whicker basket will open your child's world and let them easily play while helping with daily activities. This instal-worthy basket is a gorgeous and practical way to play! Let your little one help carry small items from the grocery store, on laundry day, or independently bring their treasured toys to the park. This easy to maneuver basket is a beautiful way to store objets in the home, and makes transportation easy peasy! Dimensions: 25cm x 26cm x 58cm tall (Handmade so dimensions may vary slightly)
Weight: 2.0 LBS
Width: 11.0 Inches
Height: 20.0 Inches



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