Mademoiselle Lapin

Mademoiselle Lapin
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Make this Mademoiselle your new best friend and have a bunny bud for the rest of your days! Mademoiselle Lapin is a lovely bunny who can’t wait to find her new best friend! Lapin loves to make people smile and is always telling jokes. Her large ears love to hear the sounds of people laughing! She is famous for her standup, but has the ability to sit down, stay, flop and play all day! Tie her ears in a big bow and wrap her shawl around her shoulders when it’s cold. Made of 100% organic cotton, Lapin is lovingly handmade. Her bright eyes are complimented by long lashes and a small button nose. Her ears are long and lean, perfect for listening to your child’s daily dreams. She has a cute hair ribbon and a pale pink completion. Lapin is a dainty lady and a fine friend for every boy and girl who wants a rambunctious rabbit in their life.  

Weight: 0.5 LBS



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