Musical Jewelry Box

Musical Jewelry Box
Gift wrapping option available in basket
This magic music box is made especially for storing the most precious treasures. No one but Moulin Roty could make a simple box with this much magic! Each item in the Moulin Roty world has it's own special story and this sweet little storage unit is the same! Patched together with a pattern of colorful buttons and band-aids, which every little kid knows is the only proper way to seal something up securely, all of your treasures are perfectly safe! When the box is opened up, a small dancing mouse will twirl and spin in front of a small mirror, so you don't miss a single dance move! The soft sweet music playing from the box is the perfect piece to dance the night away or drift off into sleep. Only Moulin Roty can catch the childlike love in something so simple. Age 3+
Width: 5.9 Inches
Height: 6.7 Inches
Depth: 4.0 Inches



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