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Time to hit the beach! This bright red camper comes with a removable teal surfboard which fits easily onto small wooden pegs on the vehicle's roof. Perfectly engineered for little hands and designed with safety and sustainability in mind, this beautiful wooden toy is recommended for babies and toddlers one and up.

Has your child learned colors and shapes? Well, now it's time for them to learn patterns in this informative book by husband-wife duo, Bobby and June George. The engaging stripes, polka dots, plaid, chevron, and other vivid patterns are all illustrated by talented Korean illustrator, Boyoun Kim, and are designed to help develop the artistic, mathematical, and linguistic development in young children. The book was created for little ones ages 1+.

Playfully illustrated alphabet flashcards featuring woodland flora and fauna. Each card in this deck corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, depicting a word that begins with that letter alongside a black and white illustration. Designed with all-ages development in mind, the high-contrast imagery fosters pattern and shape recognition, while the ABC content introduces the link between sound, text, and language. The smartly made set is printed on durable matte laminate cardstock with rounded corners (no sharp edges!). Suitable for all ages.

For the tiniest of hands to have and to hold. These textured rubber balls are designed to stimulate the developing senses of little ones. The 6 piece set is made from chemical-free and eco-friendly Hevea rubber in a variety of eye-catching colors. Each ball is distinct in shape and size, with surfaces that vary from ribbed to bumpy to pocked. They offer a simple and straightforward way to implement movement and hand-eye coordination from the earliest stages of development onward. Suitable for ages 0 to 3 years

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