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There is no better way to capture a baby's attention than through their developing senses. Wee Gallery's Organic Sensory Puzzle Ball uses high-quality graphics and materials to capture baby's attention visually and physically. The organic fabric uses hand painted black and white graphics-making it not only a complimentary gift for any family's style, but also makes it particularly pleasing to baby. The texture of this sensory puzzle ball is unique in that it helps provide tactile stimulation. Perfect for babyhood and beyond, this is simply a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Wee Gallery is definitely a family affair! Surya and Dave first began researching babies'best interests with great dedication when their son Siddu was born. Through their research, they discovered what stimulates a baby's senses best from infancy into toddlerhood. They learned that black and white images were most interesting to a baby, but that as they grew, those simple black and white images became far more engrossing if there are faces and animals present. Honing in on their individual skills as a graphic designer and teacher, Wee Gallery began to take shape. Using responsibly made organic materials and creating a striking black and white world, Wee Gallery has become a flourishing business. Originally Wee Gallery was for their children, and now their children work beside them! Baby Siddu is now 14 years old. He and his sister Anya, 11, love to help their parents throughout the process of designing new toys. Age: 0+