Piccolino Musical Marble Run

Piccolino Musical Marble Run
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With Piccolino you can build marble runs that are different every time. The 4 interchangeable sound modules produce simple melodies. Piccolino is a creative marble run for building and composing at the same time. It develops motor function and spatial imagination, and facilitates a creative approach to music. It is truly a wonder from Switzerland that can last for generations. The simple interlocking system allows an almost unlimited number of variations. The fun really begins when, in addition to building, one starts composing. The chimes can also be randomly mounted and interchanged just for fun. Coincidences often result in enchanting melodies. The 20 different chimes, which range chromatically from G2 to D4, help distinguish between pitches and intervals. (All tunes sound two octaves higher than written.) As the marble rolls down the track, it strikes the individually mounted chimes. Ramps of different lengths produce the rhythm. By referring to the composition instructions, even young children can construct fantastic tunes. The marble runs are manufactured in the sheltered workshops of the Weizenkorn Foundation in Basel. Using raw wood, the individual parts are drilled out, cut and sanded. Several manufacturing steps are performed manually and give people with disabilities the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful activity. Age Range: 5+
Width: 22.0 Inches
Height: 4.0 Inches
Depth: 10.0 Inches



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