polepole dinosaur, stegosaurus

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ages 3-7

Steggy has black plates down the crest of his back and a few spots on either flank. This most beloved dinosaur can be an outstanding member of your Polepole menagerie. Each polepole animal is crafted with care from soft white Albizia wood. Polepole, in Swahili, means “slowly," and it is precisely the time and patience employed in the hand-carving of these figurines that make them so special. The incomparable hand-finished detail, including every whisker and smile and stripe, guarantees each piece will be unique. Suitable for all ages.

100% natural Albizia wood
Made in Indonesia
3.5" l x 1.1" w x 2.3" h
To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth or wood-safe cleaner

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