Push Pallet Lifter

Push Pallet Lifter
Gift wrapping option available in basket
This sturdy wooden Forklift toy is guaranteed to become a favorite! It can be pushed and steered making it ideal for transporting, stacking, loading, and unloading whatever materials are at the ready. It’s perfect for creating a realistic roleplaying experience where kids can imagine they’re driving a real forklift truck! Over the last 40 years, the dieters brand has evolved into an international company and earned a name as producer and retailer of high quality toys and gifts. They support the development of products made through a responsible use of natural resources and always strive to deliver quality and sustainable products. Recommended for kids 2 years and older. Pairs perfectly with dieters Pallets.
Width: 9.8 Inches
Height: 23.6 Inches
Depth: 4.7 Inches



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