Rainbow Flower Push Toy

Rainbow Flower Push Toy
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Sometimes toys are just too cool. The Rainbow Flower Push Toy? It definitely makes the cut! Who knew a toy for toddlers could be so exciting for adults? The product is simple, it's a wholly wooden push toy with stabilizing wheels that helps toddlers in handling. It's in the creative design, the flower petals that lift and spin as your child pushes, that makes this toy not only unique, but surprising. The bright petals will catch the attention of both you and your child as they spin! The active motion and pretty paint will keep your child engaged and interested as they create a moving wheel while they walk! This is a toy you and your child will love to play with for hours on end! Bajo is a company loved by both children and their parents. In 1993 academic architect and set designer Wojciech Bajor started a family based company called Bajo. Located in the scenic Polish Carpathian Mountains, Bajo focuses on sustainable solutions in their toy making. Committed to promoting engaged play, Bajo is often used as pedagogical aids in kindergartens because their toys truly teach. With a focus on positive social change and environmental consciousness, Bajo Toys provide you with products made with high-quality materials from local suppliers who respect eco-standards of the wood production. And what about those bright Bajo colors? Each painted piece is made from non-toxic naturally based paints. Picking up a Bajo toy feels like picking up a piece of the Bajor family's passion and heritage. Age: 18+ months
Weight: 1.2 LBS
Width: 17.3 Inches
Height: 6.7 Inches
Depth: 17.3 Inches



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