rosie revere

ages 4-8

Discover the imaginative world of Rosie, a seemingly quiet young girl by day and a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets by night. In this enchanting story, Rosie aspires to become a great engineer, driven by her dreams and passion. When her great-great-aunt Rose, famously known as Rosie the Riveter, shares her unfinished goal of flying, Rosie takes on the challenge.

With determination, Rosie builds a contraption to fulfill her aunt's dream. Although the invention hovers briefly before crashing, Rosie deems it a failure. However, Aunt Rose has a different perspective, asserting that Rosie's contraption was a resounding success. She imparts a valuable lesson that true failure only occurs if one gives up.

This engaging and empowering book, part of the Questioneers series, encourages young readers aged 4 to 8 to embrace their dreams, persevere through challenges, and celebrate their unique talents.

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