Sleepy-Wakey Elephando

Sleepy-Wakey Elephando
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If your little one has trouble sleeping, they need a toy who will sleep with them! Nap time isn't so hard when your toys are in on the fun! Sleepy-Wakey Elephando is wide awake on his right side, his eye is wide open and he's ready to play! When it's time for bed, flip Elephando over to his sleeping side, where his eye is shut tight so he can sleep peacefully! Elephando is adored by children with his bold fashion sense (who says horizontal stripes aren't flattering?) and his soft smile. Elephando has bright blue ears, arms, and legs, pink freckles, a pearl face. He clashes patterns skillfully with a striped suit and grid scarf. This incredible elephant will be adored by your little one for years to come! Age: 0-3
Weight: 0.4 LBS
Height: 12.6 Inches



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