Small Green Gantosaurus in Egg

Small Green Gantosaurus in Egg
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This prehistoric polyester pal is the cutest thing this side of the Cretaceous Period! Our favorite little hatchling, Maileg's Gantosaurus will be beloved by every youngster who loves dinosaurs! Gantosaurus is brand new to this world and loves to stay curled up inside of his egg shell for naps. During the day, Gantosaurus preys on all the pesky pterodactylus (fruit flies) soaring around the water hole (kitchen sink) . This toy is too cute for adults to handle and will be loved so much by every excited kiddo who gets to bring him home! Your love for this little dino will never go extinct! Age: 0-3 years
Weight: 0.5 LBS
Height: 9.1 Inches



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