Small Polar Bear

Small Polar Bear
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Shopping for the perfect teddy bear can be a real, well, bear! As we have looked diligently for the best baby bear we came across a few duds. The first bear was too hard. The second bear was too soft. But this baby bear? He is just right! Maileg’s small polar bear is the perfect toy to bring home to baby. Loved by infants, children, and adults, this cutie critter will be adored by the whole family! His unique fur is surprisingly realistic, with light brown underneath and a soft almost snowy white coat on top. Bear has small black eyes, a tiny brown nose, and perfectly perched ears on top of his head! Although his fur keeps him toasty in even the coldest climate, bear has an eye for fashion and loves to wear his daisy bandana every day of the year! Bear is looking hard for his best friend. Someone not too hot. And someone not too cold. But someone just right. And we are pretty sure that special someone is your little one!  

Weight: 0.4 LBS
Height: 9.5 Inches



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