two year old bundle

ages 2-3

A pioneering advancement in spiritual educational toys, the Mindful Kids Card Set features 40 two-sided, flashcards that contain exercises that help teach breathing, poses, stretching, meditation techniques, and awareness of being a living thing at the moment. The cards are sublimely illustrated with watercolor images and they come with an additional set of instructions for parents, teachers, and other caretakers. These cards are especially effective when utilized in the morning and afternoons to help with calming, inspiration, and creativity throughout the day. A perfect gift for the introspective little ones of the family.

Slide the 8 donut-shaped rounds onto the wooden base in order of size, color, or no order at all. There's no right way to play with this cylindrical stacking toy, as it's meant to encourage kids to play freely. Each piece is made by hand from high-quality linden wood that's been sanded smooth and finished with non-toxic paints. The 8 concentric blocks come in a variety of hues, mixing in natural, unfinished wood pieces with a modern palette of terracotta pinks, sandy browns, and moody teals. Sized just right for tiny hands to stack and sort while developing fine motor skills, balance, and color recognition.

A rearrangeable puzzle toy featuring a variety of adorable animal friends. The chunky, easy-to-grasp pieces of this animal puzzle can be reconfigured to create a seemingly endless variety of furry friends. All come packaged in a lightweight wooden box with a removable lid that serves as a surface area for mixing and matching the interchangeable tiles. All are made from sustainably sourced rubberwood that’s painted with playful details using kid-friendly, non-toxic finishes. And the bold, graphic style is more than just an aesthetic choice here—the high-contrast imagery provides visual stimuli that are easy to focus on and is designed to help promote sensory development. Suitable for ages 2 and up.

Whether learning letters for the first time or beginning to spell on their own, this uppercase alphabet puzzle set is perfect for making learning fun! These brightly colored wooden pieces grab children's attention and the matching base of the puzzle helps children recall where each piece goes. The pieces are made specifically for smaller hands to easily grasp and play with. The shape and color of each letter in this puzzle were specifically designed to help with a child's dexterity, matching skills, and concentration.

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