valentines bundle, straw


Skip the sugar and spice and add everything nice to an adorable Luvya Bag for your little loved one. This bundle includes a Luvya Basket in straw, a green Little Things toy, Bath Drops, Gel Crayons and Dr. Salty's Van. A sweet surprise to give to a child for Valentine's Day that will keep them busy during the chilliest months.

Luvya Basket, Straw
A heart-shaped basket for toting around the things they love most. Each sweet bag is woven by hand from natural rattan and features a wrapped handle, wood button, and straw loop clasp. The hinged base opens to reveal a cotton-lined interior with a side pocket for storing tiny treasures.

Little Things Green
This little thing is neither here nor there. It might be used to tuck away a wish or store a tiny treasure. It might become part of a counting and sorting game. Or, it might cast as a character in an imagined world. The simple design lends itself to a whole host of uses, encouraging open-ended play that's free from rules or instructions. Each green slate-hued little thing features a hollow wood base (sized to fit a lucky penny or three) and a removable, reversible lid with a round bobble face on one side and a stemmed handle on the other.

Bath Drops
Brighten up your bath time routine with Bath Drops! These pigments can turn a bath or sensory bin into a fun, vibrant experience. The drops fizz and bubble for a couple of minutes before giving some gentle color to the water. Bath drops will elevate your water play to a new level of fun!

Gel crayons
Art supplies make the perfect present (they're always appreciated and used!) and these gel crayons are no exception. A fun addition to any child's art stash, these versatile crayons create a smooth, watercolor-like finish (without the mess), and come packaged in a durable storage box.

Dr. Salty's Van
You’re knot going to be able to resist our new Dr. Salty Van. Trust us, we’re all twisted up over this one. Our Dr. Salty Van wouldn’t be right without a golden brown, salted pretzel topper. Mustard/Cheese not included.

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