Wood Chef Set

Wood Chef Set
Gift wrapping option available in basket
Do you have a mini culinary master in the making? This wooden chef set is just the thing to spark his or her imagination and get him or her “cooking" like a pro. Crafted from six different types of all natural woods with non-toxic linseed oil finish, each piece is not only stunning to look at but sturdy and safe as well. Whether it's hosting his or her first imaginary dinner party, to tea for two, to any type of play, this set is sure to be used over and over again. Soopsori is a Korean company dedicated to eco-friendly, well-crafted toys. Handcrafted from 20 kinds of all natural wood using ecological lumber harvesting practices, Soopsori lives up to their name, which is Korean for “sounds of the forest." In their own words, they believe that “we humans and nature are two different entities, yet dependent on each other." Ages 3+
Weight: 1.8 LBS
Width: 10.8 Inches
Height: 3.2 Inches
Depth: 9.2 Inches



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