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A brilliant and versatile way to learn through play. This ten-piece set of wooden trays offers a variety of ways for kids to connect number and counting concepts. The trays feature engraved number outlines (1 through 10) that familiarize children with the shape and written look of a number. The recessed rectangle alongside the number provides space to assign a value visually by including small objects of a corresponding number to count. And, as the written number values increase, so does the tray's size, further reinforcing the concept. Each tray is crafted from natural beech wood, and comes with a matching base for storing the numbered trays vertically. Suitable for all ages.

Beech wood; beeswax
Made by hand
Trays vary in size from 2.75" l x 3.75" w to 2.75" l x 6.25" w; tray stand is 6.5" lx 10.5" w x 3.5" h
Wide down with a damp cloth or wood-safe cleaner