Wooly Rattle

Wooly Rattle
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Sometimes toys are too cute to be true! This is definitely the case with BlaBla Kids Wooly Rattle. This little knit doll with so much personality is also a rattle your baby will love. While baby enjoys the light rattling sound and soft cotton exterior, parents most love Wooly’s appearance. No detail is spared on this small toy, he has bright blue hands and feet, kind sleepy eyes, and even a bellybutton! It’s Wooly’s creative look that makes him the perfect toy for children as they grow from simply enjoying the sound of the rattle while learning to grasp, to developing their active imagination with Wooly and imaginary play. By then, Wooly will be their best friend! BlaBla Kids is designed by Florence Wetterwald, and each item is lovingly created by fair trade artisans in Peru. BlaBla Kids commitment is to inspire love and joy - to all kids and families around the world.



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